Thursday, 22 December 2011

A creative Christmas to be had....

This will be my last blog of 2011, as come this weekend myself and husband are travelling the country visiting various friends and family-a  Christmas roadtrip we are both looking forward to!

I will be back in January with many blogs on the various places we will have visited and what we did while we where there. 
We are heading to Harrogate, Nottingham, London and finally Lewes, Brighton and Hastings. 
If anyone can recommend places to go and things to see in those areas then please do mail me!
Lewes I am very excited about as it is my husbands home town and I love all the antique shops and little boutiques.
One of my favourite shops in Lewes is Flint.

Filled with beautiful objects I can spend hours looking in there and happily spend lots too!

Before setting off on our roadtrip, I am loading myself down with lots of creative work to do while we are away. 
Not one for being able to sit and do nothing (even when watching TV i have to be sewing also!) I am arming myself with lots of sewing.

More vintage book journals need to be made for the Vintage Village Fair at Stockport on Jan 8th.

Also, I have 50 vintage lavender pillows that need filling and sewing

I have also been working on some more embroidery pictures which need finishing

So, I shall wish all you lovely readers a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I hope that you recieve what you wished for in your stockings....and I look forward to hearing all about it in the New Year!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A white wonderland

Today we awoke to a blanket of perfect snow that had fallen over night here in the Peak District.
Boots on and my husband and I headed out to climb what i can only describe as Everest behind our house!

Halfway up, the cold and hill climbing, defeated me, so I left my husband thinking he was Captain Scott and I descended back to the warmth of our cottage!

The wonderful snow around me inspired me to search for images of white inspiration today and below are a few of my for some more sewing and a warm fire...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A lovely treat of a present

This morning I awoke to a cold, snowy day which begin with my husband and I arguing over who should get out of our lovely warm and cozy bed to make the first cup of tea- I, of course, won and stayed in bed to snooze for another 10 minutes.

I was awoken with a lovely cup of tea and also the arrival of the post-4 parcels- but alas most where christmas presents i had ordered from Rose & Co, apart from 1 which was beautifully wrapped and with writing i did not recognise.

I immediately was intrigued who had sent me such a beautiful present and carefully unwrapped the lovely little box.

Inside, I found that the most lovely Jeska, from the beautiful Lobster and Swan blog had sent me some lovely christmas treats!

Firstly, was a exquisite vintage beaded french flower with vintage fabric tied to the back of it.
So delicate and so pretty, I am trying to decided where to hang it for all to see. 

The next little present was so beautifully wrapped with gold ribbon that I didn't want to open it!
The smell escaping from it was lovely enough to encourage me to though, and inside was the most gorgeous smelling Shea Butter soap from Sweet Petula, a Seattle based company.

The packaging in itself is divine-though perhaps hard to see in the photos, it is wrapped in a black and white sketch of a human skull-wonderful!

Alongside these two gifts was a lovely little acorn, dipped in silver and glitter-which is now taking pride of place on my studio desk.

A wonderful treat to awake to and a big thank you to the lovely Jeska for posting me such delights.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Flowers that last a lifetime

As it is so dark and gloomy outside today I thought I would add a little Spring time onto the blog and also the website to bring a little cheer to our hearts!

At an auction the other week I came across a box of vintage french flowers that were so divine I had to buy them.

After a fight to the bitter end of bidding (my favourite part of an auction!) I won the flowers.
Taking them back to the studio to seperate and sort out was wonderful and many are scattered around the studio shelves but as it was such a big box i thought i would also sell some.

All are £5 a bunch on the website

After arranging the vintage flowers into bunches it inspired me to share some of my favourite floral pictures with you my delightful readers

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A tale of two blogs....

What a lovely surprise I awoke to this morning to find that Sesame and Lilly has been featured on two blogs, one of which is my favourite and most inspiring.

The first blog is that of the Stockport Vintage Village that I had a stand at this Sunday 11th.

A lovely lady called Helen Munn picked my Vintage sewing case as one of her favourite finds of the fair.

Unfourtunately, I wasn't at the stand when she came over on Sunday, so my husband had the pleasure of chatting to her ( I was busy finding antique laces and buttons at other stands!)

It is a lovely compliment that Sesame and Lilly was picked as one of her favourites and we will be back standing at the Vintage Village on Jan 8th.

The second posting was on the blog Lobster and Swan, which i am a big fan of.

I have followed Jeska and her blog for a longtime and find her pictures and her adventures truly inspiring, so to find a post on me on there has been a lovely surprise!

Monday, 12 December 2011

A Sunday Vintage sale

This Sunday, Sesame and Lilly stood for the first time at Stockport Vintage Village fair and what fun we had!

We found the fair to be full of super friendly and lovely people.
Customers and stall holders, were full of compliments about Sesame and Lilly and the products we had on offer.

The most popular items where the Vintage Book Journals and vintage sewing kits which sold out quickly-but fear not, more are being made at the moment ready for the next fair on Jan 8th and also for the website.

A fabulous day was had by all, but thermals will be packed for the next fair on Jan 8th after being more than a little cold by the end of the day!

Below are a few pictures of how the stall looked on the day and we recieved lots of compliments on how pretty it looked which is always lovely to hear.

After selling lots of items, I of course could not resist a browse around the vintage fair myself!

The fair is full of a wonderful mix of vintage and antique items, alongside yummy homemade cooking and baking.

I found a wonderful stall full of vintage fabric and buttons, from which i bought the below lace, buttons and pieces of antique fabric from.

I also bought a gorgeous vintage tin to keep my buttons in, it is the most wonderful red colour with a lovely floral pattern on the top and sits perfectly with my collection of vintage tins at home in the studio.

My final purchase was a collection of vintage french postcards which are so beautiful. I think i will frame most of them , but it would be a shame to cover the back up as the writing is so beautiful-any suggestions on how i can display them so you can see the front and the back?

I had a wonderful day at the Vintage Village and cannot wait to stand there again on Jan 8th.
Do come along after Christmas if you can as it's a wonderful fair to visit.