Saturday, 17 December 2011

A lovely treat of a present

This morning I awoke to a cold, snowy day which begin with my husband and I arguing over who should get out of our lovely warm and cozy bed to make the first cup of tea- I, of course, won and stayed in bed to snooze for another 10 minutes.

I was awoken with a lovely cup of tea and also the arrival of the post-4 parcels- but alas most where christmas presents i had ordered from Rose & Co, apart from 1 which was beautifully wrapped and with writing i did not recognise.

I immediately was intrigued who had sent me such a beautiful present and carefully unwrapped the lovely little box.

Inside, I found that the most lovely Jeska, from the beautiful Lobster and Swan blog had sent me some lovely christmas treats!

Firstly, was a exquisite vintage beaded french flower with vintage fabric tied to the back of it.
So delicate and so pretty, I am trying to decided where to hang it for all to see. 

The next little present was so beautifully wrapped with gold ribbon that I didn't want to open it!
The smell escaping from it was lovely enough to encourage me to though, and inside was the most gorgeous smelling Shea Butter soap from Sweet Petula, a Seattle based company.

The packaging in itself is divine-though perhaps hard to see in the photos, it is wrapped in a black and white sketch of a human skull-wonderful!

Alongside these two gifts was a lovely little acorn, dipped in silver and glitter-which is now taking pride of place on my studio desk.

A wonderful treat to awake to and a big thank you to the lovely Jeska for posting me such delights.

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  1. What a lovely surprise, I wish I had a parcel of joy delivered to me this morning x