Monday, 12 December 2011

A Sunday Vintage sale

This Sunday, Sesame and Lilly stood for the first time at Stockport Vintage Village fair and what fun we had!

We found the fair to be full of super friendly and lovely people.
Customers and stall holders, were full of compliments about Sesame and Lilly and the products we had on offer.

The most popular items where the Vintage Book Journals and vintage sewing kits which sold out quickly-but fear not, more are being made at the moment ready for the next fair on Jan 8th and also for the website.

A fabulous day was had by all, but thermals will be packed for the next fair on Jan 8th after being more than a little cold by the end of the day!

Below are a few pictures of how the stall looked on the day and we recieved lots of compliments on how pretty it looked which is always lovely to hear.

After selling lots of items, I of course could not resist a browse around the vintage fair myself!

The fair is full of a wonderful mix of vintage and antique items, alongside yummy homemade cooking and baking.

I found a wonderful stall full of vintage fabric and buttons, from which i bought the below lace, buttons and pieces of antique fabric from.

I also bought a gorgeous vintage tin to keep my buttons in, it is the most wonderful red colour with a lovely floral pattern on the top and sits perfectly with my collection of vintage tins at home in the studio.

My final purchase was a collection of vintage french postcards which are so beautiful. I think i will frame most of them , but it would be a shame to cover the back up as the writing is so beautiful-any suggestions on how i can display them so you can see the front and the back?

I had a wonderful day at the Vintage Village and cannot wait to stand there again on Jan 8th.
Do come along after Christmas if you can as it's a wonderful fair to visit.

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