Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Matchbox a day challenge

Here at Sesame and Lilly we are big fans of the blog Lobster and Swan, so how could we not resist joining the lovely Jeska on her Feburary Matchbox a Day Challenge.

Jeska's husband is running the London marathon, and to help raise money for his choosen charity, and to bring a little beauty into our lifes, she is creating a unique matchbox everyday in Feburary.
These will then be for sale in her Etsy shop-thus raising charity cash.

Jeska has suggested that we join her on her creative Feburary quest and I for one will be!
I have some matchboxes already as you can see, kindly donated by Jeska, but I am on a mission to find more!

Aren't the colours beautiful? Faded blues and purples-I don't want to cover them up!

If you would like to be involved with the challenge more details can be found on Jeskas' blog

To give you a little insight into the challenge, listed below are the themes for each day and each matchbox

1 the airmail one
2 the bird one
3 the happy birthday one (I am 34 today!)
4 the lace one
5 the french one
6 the thank you one
7 the water one
8 the music one
9 the recipe one
10 the pretty one
11 the shabby chic one
12 the antique one
13 the gold one
14 the love one
15 the fancy one
16 the nature one
17 the sweet one
18 the gentleman’s one
19 the rose one
20 the country one
21 the garden one
22 the cute one
23 the travelling circus one
24 the forget me not one
25 the Japanese one
26 the sparkly on
27 the last days of winter one
28 the romantic one
29 the extra one!

I have a feeling that Number 2, Number 4 and Number 17 are going to be my favourite!
Are you going to join in? Hope so!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Deconstructured decorating

Sunday was my birthday and I had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of adventures, treats and giggles.

I recieved many wonderful presents, what a lucky lady I am-one of my favourites came from my husband.

Back when we were in Lewes at Christmas i spotted so many books that i fell in love with in the shop Flint.
  Little did I know that he took note and purchased some for my birthday, my favourite being the one below.

I think I may be a little late in the discovery of this book as it was published back in 2009 but I am so in love.

Sibella Court descirbes the book about " slapdash styling and deconstructed decorating solutions"
I would descirbe it as pure inspiration!

For those that have not had the pleasure to view inside its covers I thought I would share some pictures with you.

I have now informed the husband that this is how our house should look so let the challenge begin!
Does anyone else own a copy? 
If you would like to buy one the best place i found for it is Amazon


Friday, 27 January 2012

Birthday Wishes.....

This weekend it is my birthday..can you guess how old i am? 
Be kind please!
So as a little post before the weekend I thought I would share my top 4 dream necklaces I would love to find in a parcel this Sunday
(hint hint dear husband!)

Everyone who knows me knows that 
1. I love jewellery 
 2. I love statement necklaces
These are my top 4 currently on Net-a-porter, im now going to daydream what i would wear them with.......
I think I love them as they are so antique looking with a touch of modern with the bright colours in them.
What are your plans for the weekend? 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A little bird told me....

So, in the last post i admitted that i am a lace addict-yes, hands up, i love nothing more than old, crumpled, delicate, fragile piles of handmade lace.

But, i also have another love that shares part of my heart and that section belongs to birds.

I adore them, to the point i have some tattooed on my wrist.

My love of them also carries through to decorating our home, with a whole wall dedicated to bird pictures!
Below are a couple of my favourties

I find birds so inspiring and love to use them in my work.
I recently found some new antique bird images that i have already started to use but hope to do more with them

Aren't they beautiful? I want to collage them together and make wallpaper out of them-but i have a feeling it would take me a long time!

So for now i am going to continue using them to create Sesame and Lilly

Do you have a greater love you would like to share? Message me and let me know and i can add them to the blog!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Love & Lace

 One of my biggest loves is Lace! 

I adore the beautiful, faded, crumpling, delicate nature of antique lace and the wonderful items that you can create from a few precious scraps of it.

I was lucky enough this weekend,to purchase a big bag of antique lace from my favourite vintage shop Josies.

Inside was a bundle of antique lace of different lengths, a childs lace bonnet, a couple of lace hankies and also a handful of cardboard pieces with lace runners wrapped around them.
So beautiful and unique, and all handmade lace.
I have many ideas to use the lace for, but started making antique lace love brooches yesterday which i am listing on the website later today.

Antique linen, filled and then handsewn with lace, vintage diamante and antique beads.
How many of you out there love lace as much as i do!?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ribbon and silks for the day

This weekend, I visited family back on the East Yorkshire coast and as mentioned previously, was very excited to visit a vintage shop that is one of my favourite in England called Josies.

I purchased many items, including antique lace, a beautiful rose picture and some diamante jewellery.
But for now I will share with you the beautiful collection of silk hankies and antique ribbon that i bought.

The ribbons are beautiful and quite wide.

I am currently busy working on 40+print designs for a textile company in New York so the hankies and ribbons are being used as inspiration for the prints.

Back  to designing the prints!
Tomorrow i will post the vintage lace etc that i bought

Friday, 20 January 2012

Sweet Victorian

Sweet Victorian

I wanted to share with you one of my wonderful finds from a vintage shop i am a regular at.
Tucked away in the Yorkshire countryside back home, this lovely vintage shop is a little treasure nest that i visit as often as i can when home. 
Lucky for me, that means this weekend, as myself and husband are planning on  packing up the car and crossing the country to see family and friends for the weekend-meaning the vintage shop will also be visited! Yay!
I hope i will have many finds to share with you next week but for now i wanted to share with you this wonderful antique victorian childs scrapbook that i purchased on my last visit.
It was tucked away at the back of the shop, as though it had been forgotten about, with the front cover damaged from water, marking the leather and making it turn a wonderful crumpled red colour.

But inside.....what a sight to find! 
The whole album has been lovingly created with illustrations drawn in ink then decorated with victorian scrapbook images.

Whole scenes of household rooms are drawn in ink then an Alice in Wonderland style scene unfolds via the sticking of victorian scrapbook images.
Ladies dance with their parasols, little girls read to their dogs, ladies feed thier exotic parrots and chairs magically float through the air.

Isn't it just wonderful?! I still am not sure what i am going to do with it.

As it is in such a bad state as an actual book to look at, i am tempted to take it apart and frame each picture but for the moment i really can't bring myself to do it! 

 The child which it belonged to, must have spent many a happy day drawing and sticking, so for now it sits on my desk as part of my inspiration.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

An open sketchbook

Many people have asked me about what I did before Sesame and Lilly was created last year, well I spent 10 years designing for the High Street.
I was mainly a print designer but have also done garment design, alongside trend prediction.


Over my time, I worked very hard and was lucky enough to  become a senior designer working for such brands as River Island, Miss Selfridge and Topshop to name a few!

Over the years that i have worked my way up the career ladder, I have  had a lot of fun getting there -alongside working hard and taking risks.

One of my favourite highlights of my career was being able to travel around the world to shop, research and hang out with amazing people.

After moving away from London and full-time design work, I am now freelance and still work for some amazing brands all from my studio in the north.

One of my latest projects was to design the graphics for Chloe Green (daughter of Sir Phillip Green) new shoe brand that is to be launched this year.

I have learnt over the 10 years that you can find inspiration in anything and everything, and the best way to keep this inspiration is in sketchbooks-something that i have done since my univeristy days.

 I wanted to share with you some images from sketchbooks that have been kept over the years-Sesame and Lilly sketchbooks are also being kept but more from those in another post.

See if you can spot any prints that you may have bought over the years from your favourite high street stores!

One of the biggest thrills of my job i always found, was sitting on the tube, bus, train or stood in a bar or shop, next to a girl wearing one of my designs when she truly has no idea that i drew what she was wearing.

A feeling that, to this day, still makes me smile.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A little thing called LOVE....

Working on some new designs today, including these LOVE  bow brooches.
Antique lace, vintage fabric and antique diamante

Hope everyone is having a creative day!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

French shop wish list

After realising that I did most of my gift shoppping this year online, I thought how nice it would be to look at shops from around the world which i would love to visit.
Below are a couple of my  favourtie stores from France
All photos http://www.e-magdeco.com/