Monday, 30 January 2012

Deconstructured decorating

Sunday was my birthday and I had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of adventures, treats and giggles.

I recieved many wonderful presents, what a lucky lady I am-one of my favourites came from my husband.

Back when we were in Lewes at Christmas i spotted so many books that i fell in love with in the shop Flint.
  Little did I know that he took note and purchased some for my birthday, my favourite being the one below.

I think I may be a little late in the discovery of this book as it was published back in 2009 but I am so in love.

Sibella Court descirbes the book about " slapdash styling and deconstructed decorating solutions"
I would descirbe it as pure inspiration!

For those that have not had the pleasure to view inside its covers I thought I would share some pictures with you.

I have now informed the husband that this is how our house should look so let the challenge begin!
Does anyone else own a copy? 
If you would like to buy one the best place i found for it is Amazon


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