Thursday, 26 January 2012

A little bird told me....

So, in the last post i admitted that i am a lace addict-yes, hands up, i love nothing more than old, crumpled, delicate, fragile piles of handmade lace.

But, i also have another love that shares part of my heart and that section belongs to birds.

I adore them, to the point i have some tattooed on my wrist.

My love of them also carries through to decorating our home, with a whole wall dedicated to bird pictures!
Below are a couple of my favourties

I find birds so inspiring and love to use them in my work.
I recently found some new antique bird images that i have already started to use but hope to do more with them

Aren't they beautiful? I want to collage them together and make wallpaper out of them-but i have a feeling it would take me a long time!

So for now i am going to continue using them to create Sesame and Lilly

Do you have a greater love you would like to share? Message me and let me know and i can add them to the blog!


  1. I just cannot improve on birds, they too are the love of my life tweet tweet x

  2. I know, i heart them- Considering getting another tattoo of a bird-bluetits are one of my favourties at the moment-not sure how that would look though!

  3. Stunning,so colourful ! I too adore birds. Just found your blog-love it . Tx

  4. I have a love for vintage lace too!