Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Matchbox a day challenge

Here at Sesame and Lilly we are big fans of the blog Lobster and Swan, so how could we not resist joining the lovely Jeska on her Feburary Matchbox a Day Challenge.

Jeska's husband is running the London marathon, and to help raise money for his choosen charity, and to bring a little beauty into our lifes, she is creating a unique matchbox everyday in Feburary.
These will then be for sale in her Etsy shop-thus raising charity cash.

Jeska has suggested that we join her on her creative Feburary quest and I for one will be!
I have some matchboxes already as you can see, kindly donated by Jeska, but I am on a mission to find more!

Aren't the colours beautiful? Faded blues and purples-I don't want to cover them up!

If you would like to be involved with the challenge more details can be found on Jeskas' blog

To give you a little insight into the challenge, listed below are the themes for each day and each matchbox

1 the airmail one
2 the bird one
3 the happy birthday one (I am 34 today!)
4 the lace one
5 the french one
6 the thank you one
7 the water one
8 the music one
9 the recipe one
10 the pretty one
11 the shabby chic one
12 the antique one
13 the gold one
14 the love one
15 the fancy one
16 the nature one
17 the sweet one
18 the gentleman’s one
19 the rose one
20 the country one
21 the garden one
22 the cute one
23 the travelling circus one
24 the forget me not one
25 the Japanese one
26 the sparkly on
27 the last days of winter one
28 the romantic one
29 the extra one!

I have a feeling that Number 2, Number 4 and Number 17 are going to be my favourite!
Are you going to join in? Hope so!

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