Friday, 20 January 2012

Sweet Victorian

Sweet Victorian

I wanted to share with you one of my wonderful finds from a vintage shop i am a regular at.
Tucked away in the Yorkshire countryside back home, this lovely vintage shop is a little treasure nest that i visit as often as i can when home. 
Lucky for me, that means this weekend, as myself and husband are planning on  packing up the car and crossing the country to see family and friends for the weekend-meaning the vintage shop will also be visited! Yay!
I hope i will have many finds to share with you next week but for now i wanted to share with you this wonderful antique victorian childs scrapbook that i purchased on my last visit.
It was tucked away at the back of the shop, as though it had been forgotten about, with the front cover damaged from water, marking the leather and making it turn a wonderful crumpled red colour.

But inside.....what a sight to find! 
The whole album has been lovingly created with illustrations drawn in ink then decorated with victorian scrapbook images.

Whole scenes of household rooms are drawn in ink then an Alice in Wonderland style scene unfolds via the sticking of victorian scrapbook images.
Ladies dance with their parasols, little girls read to their dogs, ladies feed thier exotic parrots and chairs magically float through the air.

Isn't it just wonderful?! I still am not sure what i am going to do with it.

As it is in such a bad state as an actual book to look at, i am tempted to take it apart and frame each picture but for the moment i really can't bring myself to do it! 

 The child which it belonged to, must have spent many a happy day drawing and sticking, so for now it sits on my desk as part of my inspiration.



  1. That is a rare find indeed, just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover!

    Jane x

    1. heehee! love that comment! yes it was a nice discovery-not sure what to do with it now though-would be nice to frame pics but i dont want to take it apart!x

  2. What a great find! wonderful illustrations. lucky you x

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! I would feel the same, it would be a shame to split it up but how can you protect it but still enjoy it all the time rather then put it away in a box for safe keeping? xKx

    1. I know, it is still sat on my desk with me wondering what to do with it! I think splitting it up is the only thing to do and frame them-but have to bring myself to do it!x