Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Creative Wednesday

I thought that starting today, I would begin a new regular feature here on the blog called 
Creative Wednesday.
My usual week is filled with creative tasks, but i thought i would share what creative project i am working on come Wednesday of each week! 
Today, I am working on a new cushion design of vintage fabric cut into strips, then sewn together with antique lace.
Finished with embroidery and beading.

I hope to able to show you the final result later.
Do you have any creative plans for Wednesday?


  1. looks lovely, I can't wait to see the final cushion!

    1. I got sitracted and went chairty shop hunting instead!Back on it now!xx

  2. Your cushion looks gorgeous! I'm working away on producing a brochure for my handmade greetings cards, loving it so far...x

    1. oooo, what are your handmade greeting cards like? do you have a website?x

  3. I am going to finally be photographing my new jewellery for my shop. . . lousy weather though so not much natural light dammit!! and then I think I will treat myself by making pom poms, love making pom poms :)
    Jess x