Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday suggestion

I have spent the morning having a tidy and sort out of all the fabrics, trims and embelishments here in the studio-feels good when you do this, yes?

I found, amongst other things that I had forgotten about, these 2 lovely little pieces of embroidery- I can't for the life of me remember where or when i bought them!

I thought why not ask for suggestions of what i could use them for rather than framing them.

Do I turn them into pin cushions? 
The front of a little sewing case?

Each one is 9cm x 9cm so quite small.
Im open to all other suggestions please lovely readers-, and i will attempt to create what is suggested and post it once finished!

Happy Friday.


  1. Mother's Day cards? It's fast approaching!

    1. ooo yep thats a good one-defo going on the list! thank you.x

  2. patches for a patchwork quilt pack. x

    1. Love it-maybe i'll make a mini patchwork quilt for Stevie, or has he gone off travelling now?xx