Thursday, 15 March 2012

Books on the nightstand

Im in a mood for re-arranging interiors at the moment. 
Im not sure if it is that Spring cleaning mode kicking in or just that I am feeling so inspired by some amazing new blogs I have found ( more on those in another post)

At the moment I am wanting to change my nightstand next to the bed.
Im feeling like it is a bit boring.
 At the moment it is an antique chair with embroidery, piled with books and drapped with 1920s embellishements.

I have found some new ideas that I love

Love the simplicity of these two ideas, especially the glass vase full of flowers.

Painted boxes with numbers-to hide away all my magazines maybe?

A favourite, an antique door as a low shelf-love the fireplace headboard too!

My favourite and one to create i think.

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