Monday, 5 March 2012

Lace Lovers

 Growing up with a mum who was an antique textiles expert, I was surrounded by trunks full of antique lace, patchwork quilts, samplers, and vintage clothes.

Although when younger, I had no interest in antique textiles and found auctions and antique fairs incredibly boring-how times change!

Now, I have a passion for antique textiles that matches my mum and along the way I have learnt how to define certain items and eras.

Over the week, I thought to share some of my passion.

Today is for Lace Lovers.

Three of my favourite types of lace

Chantilly Lace is a handmade bobbin lace, which received it's name after the city of Chantilly, France.
The lace was introduced in the late 18th Century, and is one of my favourites due to it's delicate nature and abundant detail.
A lot of Chantilly lace was created with silk in black and was therefore very popular in the use of Mourning Wear.

Brussels Lace is well know for it's delicacy and the beauty of each piece.
It is created in pieces with the flowers and design made separately from the ground.

I have read that it was made from the finest spun linen and spun in dark damp rooms to stop the thread becoming too brittle.

Broderire Anglaise Lace is one of my favourite types due to its simple patterns and cutwork.
The lace is characterised by patterns composed of small holes or eyelets bound with overcast or buttonhole stitches.

 Though I have only included 3 of my favourite types of lace, there are so many more.

Tomorrow antique beadwork or antique samplers?


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