Sunday, 17 March 2013

{The end of the weekend}

This weekend my husband and I drove to my parents house in East Yorkshire.

This in itself was scarey as it was the first time my husband drove on a motorway as he is a new driver!

{If i could have had a flask of gin to give me courage I would have done! }
However, in the end he did very well and we survived!

As I have mentioned before my mother was an antique dealer for many years and everytime we visit I come home with more treasures I have 'borrowed' from her.

This time I brought back a large amount of cushions that she wishes to sell- created from antique embroidery and fabric.

I also visited my most favourtie junk/vintage shop in the world! 

It is hidden away and only open randomly when the owners feel like it! 

As we drove past, I saw it was open and dived in-of course!

 It is a place of total chaos, but that is what I love about it. 

There is one wall full of old library drawers stuffed with vintage textiles.

{I could not get the best pictures I am afraid as they are a little funny about taking photos}

I, of course, purchased things- it would not be right to leave without something yes?
Lots of vintage silk hankies ready to make into cushions and also use in my freelance work

A stunning embroidered bag

A gorgeous vintage bird tin
Also a few more items which i need to take photos of then will share.

Do you have any junk/vintage shops like this near you?
Happy Sunday

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  1. Well done to your husband on braving the motorway - I'm 27 and yet to pass my test so he has more courage than I do! :-)

    Your Mum's cushions are beautiful (oooh, eeerrr!) and don't get me started on that beautiful treasure trove of a junk shop. Good thing I don't live nearby or I'm certain my place would soon resemble the shop itself!

    Jem xXx