Saturday, 27 April 2013

{Silk illustrated brooches}

New products have been added to the shop this week,
 including illustrated silk brooches



  1. So pleased with the brooches darling, the owl I think will stay with me and the teacup will be a gift to send abroad. I love how you do so many things that are light to post!
    Came on to catch up on your news and got a lovely surprise with my banner link on your new sidebar. thankyou!
    I refreshed mine a few weeks back and you may have noticed yours.
    Love kat xox

    1. Hey lovely, So happy you love the brooches- I need to think of things to make that are light as the postage has gone up so much now it is silly!
      I have started to update my blog with blogs that i love- when i get the time! Hence, your blog is up there!x