Wednesday, 8 May 2013

{Chatsworth House}

Today I went on an adventure to Chatsworth House.

What a wonderful, stunning, divine place it is. 

I could have stayed there forever, very happily.
(If the Duke and Duchess would like to give it to me as a present, 
then wonderful, thank you so much!)
It was quite difficult to take photographs, as alot of the rooms have to be kept dark to 
avoid the beautiful antique textiles fading.
 By far my most favourite room, had the most wonderful hand painted wallpaper I have ever seen.

As a print designer, I wanted to slip it into my sketchbook to treasure and inspire forever.
 Although you are able to purchase many beautiful items in the gift shop with the print on,

(I of course did!) I would adore this to be re-produced as actual wallpaper to purchase.

This was also in the same room, on a screen- again I wish i could have taken it home with me!

I would recommend a visit to Chatsworth House to anyone.

It is a wonderful place, and the people who work there are wonderful- friendly, knowledgeable and filled with fantastic humour.
I do have to comment, that I felt a difference in it being a privately owned estate rather than a National Trust one. 
Not that I don't love National Trust properties, it just seemed, the atmosphere was more friendly, fun and loving towards the house and it gardens from the staff that worked there. 

If you ever get the opportunity do go and visit.


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