Sunday, 14 July 2013

{London bound}

Tomorrow I am setting off to stay in London for the week.

A mixture of work and seeing friends, of also
 being too hot on the tube in 34 degree heat!

Whilst there, I am happy to be able to visit some of my favourite stores.


For my favourite jewels

Simply because the whole shop is so inspiring and beautiful

A shop full of homeware, print, toys and gorgeous letterpress work

One of my favourite places to find a vintage bargain in London.
Full to the brim of vintage clothes, fabric, haberdashery items, hats and jewellery.
Although i cannot find a website the address is below
The Shop
No 3 Cheshire Street
E2 6ED
For everything!
 My favourites being the stationary and jewellery departments.

These are just a few of my favourite.
Do you have any that are your favourites or ones that you recommend i visit?

Happy Sunday

1 comment:

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