Thursday, 28 November 2013

{Sesame and Lilly antique lace jewellery}

Sesame and Lilly antique lace jewellery is now starting to appear online.

I am having a re-focus with Sesame and Lilly, with jewellery being the main products area from now on. 
I will still produce limited edition cushions alongside the jewellery.

I would love to hear your views if the jewellery is loved?
All online for sale

Happy Thursday


  1. I totally love all of your beautiful necklaces, the last one though is my very favorite xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. Stunning jewelry designs , from the traditional to the current in the fashion !swarovski crystals

  3. Hi there

    These necklaces are amazing and so, so beautiful. They're all so unique.

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    Thanks and look forward to the next article

    All the best
    Lydia :) x