Monday, 26 May 2014

{Children's room}

 I am now 4 weeks away from welcoming our first bundle of joy into the world. 
A super exciting and also nervous time! 
 Not to do things by half, we are also re-decorating our new home.
 The bathroom is now nearly complete, with just the finishing touches to put into place.
Next on the list was the nursery.

 Of course my Pinterest is full of children's room inspiration as below.

This was the room, after my darling husband spent days stripping all the awful dark green wallpaper from the walls and even ceiling.

We soon realised that the whole room needed re-plastering as chunks of the old wall fell away with the wallpaper! 

Once the plaster had dried, said husband has spent the whole bank holiday weekend painting the room in Little Greene paint, Gauze colour. 
As we do not know what we are having, we have decided on a very pale silver grey colour.

This week a new carpet is going down, then I cannot wait to show you pictures once all shelves are up and all our vintage pieces are in.


  1. I adore the colour you have chosen it is really magical and pretty, I also love your children's selection on pinterest there are some gorgeous things out there for tots
    can't wait to see it finished and occupied xx
    Lynn xxx

  2. wow thats come around quick dear! Bet you are both incredibly excited, I hope you are well x Sam (Pretty Nostalgic)

    1. Hello lovely! Yes, I know super quick! Nervous now! Hope you girls are all ok? I have an online print shop now i keep meaning to send the details over to see if there is anything you might want to purchase.x